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Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio - Western Movie Set in Arizona

Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio

Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio - Old Arizona Movie Location

Old Arizona Movie Location

Old Arizona LLC – Old Arizona Studio is the beginnings of a Hollywood Western Movie Set Town located in Tucson, Arizona Territory. This set can be used for Western Film Production or as a backdrop for weddings and photoshoots. 

Tucson, Arizona, has been the iconic backdrop for 100s of Westerns since the late 1800s. We are featuring such epics as Tombstone, Arizona, Rio Lobo, McClintock, Rio Bravo, Three Amigos, El Dorado, and Gunfight At The O.K. Corral to name a few.

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Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio

Western Movie Set in Arizona

Creating a Western movie set involves building and designing a town or landscape that resembles the American Old West or the specific setting of the film.
Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio - Western Wedding Venue

Western Wedding Venue

Western weddings remain to be one of the most sought after themes. Far from just a trend, Western weddings, ranch weddings and Old West themed weddings are hot.
Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio

Western Photography Venue

A new trend in photography! Creating a Western photography set is similar to creating a Western movie set but with a focus on still photography rather than moving images.
Old Arizona LLC - Old Arizona Studio

Special Event Location

Selecting a special event location is a crucial decision as it sets the tone and ambiance for the occasion. The choice of venue depends on the type of event and your budget.

Old Arizona LLC

Old Arizona Studio Is A Breathtaking Location

A blank canvas where you can make your vision a reality and create the memory of a lifetime.
Immerse yourself in the OLD WEST, the perfect movie set with authentic Hollywood West structures and natural beauty!

A Western backdrop, often used in photography, film, or theatrical productions, is a scenic or decorative element that represents the American Old West or a Western-themed setting. Western backdrops are used to create a specific atmosphere and ambiance, whether for a photo shoot, a film set, a theater production, or a themed event. Here are some elements commonly found in Western backdrops:

  1. Desert Landscape: Western backdrops often feature arid desert landscapes with sand dunes, rocky terrain, or mesas. These backdrops may be painted or printed on large canvases or used as projections.

  2. Prairie or Grasslands: For a more open and rural feel, prairie or grassland backdrops can depict rolling hills, fields of tall grass, or vast plains.

  3. Old West Town: A classic Western backdrop may include a detailed representation of an Old West town with facades of saloons, general stores, sheriff’s offices, and other period-appropriate buildings.

  4. Mountain Ranges: Some Western scenes are set against the backdrop of rugged mountain ranges, such as the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada.

  5. Sunrise or Sunset: The warm, golden hues of a Western sunrise or sunset are often used to create a dramatic and iconic backdrop.

  6. Canyons and Cliffs: Canyons, red rock formations, and towering cliffs can provide a stunning and imposing background.

  7. Railroad Tracks: Western backdrops may include train tracks and a steam locomotive, evoking the era of railroads and expansion in the Old West.

  8. Ghost Town: A ghost town backdrop can create a sense of nostalgia and abandonment, featuring dilapidated buildings and an eerie atmosphere.

  9. Western Skies: The expansive Western sky with its bright stars, clouds, or a starry night can be an essential element in creating the Western mood.

  10. Saloon Interior: For indoor scenes or close-ups, a saloon interior backdrop can be used, complete with a wooden bar, swinging doors, and rustic decor.

  11. Desert Oasis: In some cases, an oasis in the desert with palm trees and a water source can provide a unique and contrasting backdrop.

  12. Ranch or Homestead: A Western homestead with a farmhouse, barn, and corrals can serve as a backdrop for scenes depicting rural life in the Old West.

  13. Wild West Street: A dusty, unpaved street in a Western town, complete with hitching posts and wooden boardwalks, is a classic choice.

These backdrops can be used in various settings, from photo studios and film sets to event venues and theatrical productions. They help transport viewers or attendees to the iconic and nostalgic world of the American Old West, creating a specific mood and atmosphere for the desired creative or entertainment experience.

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